Brasenose College squash court Abingdon Road

The squash courts on the eastern side of the Abingdon Road, opposite nos. 90-96, were built by Brasenose on the college's sports ground in 1937. The playing area for the game of squash was not standardised until 1923, and the Brasenose courts are a rare surviving example of a purpose-built double court from this early period in the game's history.

Click here for an architectural and historical report on the building by the Oxfordshire Buildings Record.

The courts were added to the Oxford Heritage Assets Register in July 2018. The register recognises buildings which make a special contribution to the character of Oxford and its neighbourhoods through their locally significant historic, architectural, archaeological or artistic interest. It is sometimes called 'the local list' and gives buildings a degree of extra protection in planning terms should proposals be put forward to radically alter or demolish them.